Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Snooki Style Update: Red Highlights Added But Big Poof Still On

Snooki. Where do we begin....Sigh.....

Snooki, gearing up for the second season of Jersey Shore, has expanded her Snooki style and just added some pretty red highlights. But if you thought the pint-sized dynamo was going to get rid of that high-riding poof on top of her head, well, fahgeddabout it!

Snooki, who is actually Chilean by birth, was adopted by an Italian family, hence her last name of Polizzi.

We loved when Inside Edition did a make-under on 21-year-old Snooki earlier this year. Gone were the big poof, bronzer, and heavy eyeliner. Hair was pulled back elegantly and makeup was more natural, and gone were the Ed Hardy tee-shirt and hat. She looked so sophisticated. But...it didn't last long.

Some of you adore sweet Snooki's style and are giving her new auburn highlights the green light. Snooki even went on Twitter to announce her new red highlights and her visit with NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg:

“I showed my hair poof for mayor B! He’s the man!” she tweeted.

Okay, so Snooki Polizzi is probably not going to be on the cover of Vogue or even inside its glamorous pages. anytime soon. But Snooki has a look, and it's all her own. And let's remember, Snooki is only 21. That's when it's actually alright to let it all hang loose. So let's not judge too harshly.

Expert makeup artist Sandy Linter has some beauty tips for women in their 20s that might surprise you. And Sandy Linter is a legendary makeup pro. From Christie Brinkley to Eva Longoria, Sandy has worked her magic on many famous faces.

Sandy Linter's advice:

In your 20's:
1. Do experiment with color. "Crazy yellow eyeshadow? You can pull it off!" At this age, Sandy told People mag. "Break all the rules."
2. Play up your lips. Sandy advises to go with the dark lipstick and super shiny glosses now, because when you get older, lips lose volume, and a deeper tone can be aging.
3. Don't skip foundation. "Even beautiful skin can benefit from it," Sandy say. "It's corrective."

Well, then, Snooki....go big and bad, while you can!


Cin4 said...

Sn00ki has pretty features but she's so darn tacky.I agree that when your in your 20s you can get away with wilder looks so------I shouldn't be judging her but the hair is a bit much.I like her makeup thou.

Anonymous said...

Where do we start!! LOL!!
I'm sorry but tacky is tacky I don't care if youre in your twenties either.

jessiebbb said...

Your just haters.Snooki is adorable and really cute.Lay off w/your mean comments.

Anonymous said...