Friday, March 5, 2010

How To Fake Having Perfect Fuller Eyebrows In Just A Few Steps

Eyebrows. Now that's a touchy subject around many women. Some of us have plucked away ours forever. And others just never had thick brows to begin with. And yet, there are an enviable few, who seem to have perfect, fuller eyebrows naturally.

So what's a gal to do?

First, fuller brows = youth. Don't believe us? Two experts weigh in on the brow theory:

Professional makeup artist Sandy Linter, who has made up many beautiful faces---from Elizabeth Hurley to Eva Longoria Parker to Christie Brinkley, has told us this:

Thin brows are the biggest mistake she sees women make, time and time again. "I don’t like overly thin, trying to be perfect brows," Sandy Linter says. "I like a fuller, more natural looking brow. It is not an L.A. brow, but more like a ‘model’s brow. Look at the models, not the actresses in the magazines for correct brow shapes."

She explains that thin brows are more aging on a women. Sandy advises using brow pencils. "Kevin Aucoin has one that is perfect for any medium to dark brow and Lancome has perfect colors for the lighter blonde brows. Make sure your brow technician does not use any wax. If you think your brows are getting too thick, just use the tweezers. And don’t make the ends too short. It’s tricky, you don’t want the eyebrow to go down at the ends. This is where mistakes happen. Take off as little as possible. I try to get as much mileage from their natural shape that I can."

And the world's best known eyebrow shaper, Anastasia Soare, seems to agree with Sandy Linter on several points:

"Most of us look younger with fuller brows and a soft arch," Anastasia explains to Lady's Home Journal in the March issue.

And like Sandy, Anastasia believes, if you don't have good brows, pencil them in! Anastasia says, to keep the brows looking natural, try using short, hairlike strokes. Then comb through your brows with a clean mascara brush to blend the color evenly across the length of the brow. You can try the Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil ($22, at Anastasia). It comes with a built-in brush.

Most women will admit that it isn't easy using a brow pencil. For pros like Anastasia and Sandy Linter, it's a piece of cake. So a lot of practice is needed in the beginning, until you get the hang of it. And yes, you can pencil in perfect, fuller eyebrows.

Whatever you do, just remember to lay down those tweezers!! Leave the serious plucking and waxing to the experts like Anastasia. If you over-tweeze, well, we've warned you several articles ago, it takes a long time to grow them back, and after age 40, some eyebrow hairs never return, says Sandy Linter.

"It may take up to four months for your brows to grow in fully," Anastasia says. Patience is required, indeed.

You can also grow bangs to cover less than perfect eyebrows. That really makes them look thicker than they are. And by the way, bangs are still big in 2010. So fringe is in.

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Elisa said...

I really like the full brow look myself. I agree, I it does have a more youthful look to it…and I see it on all the models in the magazines. I am not one of those blessed few with thick brows…and I have been using some low-end pencils for far too long. I have heard of Anastasia, didn’t she do Oprah’s brows?!?! I went on and she has so many products for sale. I have my eye (lol) on the Ultimate Brow Kit. I would love to have the Anastasia look. Have you used any other of her products? I’m ordering it tonight and I’ll let you know what I think about it!