Monday, April 28, 2014

Amal Alamuddin Capture's George Clooney's Heart With Exotic Beauty And Style

Amal + George. Sounds nice.
If we are to believe all the headlines and the huge bling she is now wearing on her left ring finger, then it appears that long-time bachelor George Clooney has fallen hard for a brilliant + very attractive humantarian attorney, Amal Alamuddin! And a source has confirmed the rumor.

Are Amal + George really engaged?!

We believe so. And we are here to celebrate her exotic looks + style.

It won't be easy being the ONE that finally changed George Clooney's heart. Already the haters are hating online, where they hide behind their computers:

"She's not pretty enough."

"Stacy had better legs."

"She looks too much like George."

"This is all a ruse to advance Clooney's political career."

"George chose her after all those beauties?"

It's pretty sad that a lot of people base their ideas of attraction only on what Hollywood is selling. And that the all-American look is the ONLY one that matters.

First of all---Amal Alamuddin is NOT an actress or model. That is NOT how she earns her living. Amal was born in Beirut, Lebanon of Druze parents. She is a very intelligent gal, having graduated from New York University of Law in 2011. She specializes in International Law. Alma works with the internationally recognized Civil Rights law firm of Doughty Street Chambers in London.

Plus...we think Amal Alamuddin has exotic beauty + style.

And talk about gorgeous hair!

Amal Alamuddin is certainly one woman we will all be watching in 2014!


Anonymous said...

looks like ann hathaway sort of.

Lana++ said...

I like her looks, too!

Anonymous said...

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