Tuesday, April 8, 2014

SUGAR Cherry Tinted Lip Treatment By Fresh: Great For Both Lips + Cheeks!

We LOVE when a beauty product becomes a 2-for or two-for one.

In other words, let's say you forgot to pack your blush and need a serious touch-up. Would you then apply your lipstick as a blush.....and vice versa?

We have. And it won't be the last time we do it.

And now here's another great 2-for---from lips to blush and back again:

SUGAR Tinted Lip Treatment SPF15 by Fresh ($22.50, at Sephora).

No, it's NOT a bold red lip. This amazing SUGAR lip balm really caresses your lips with moisturizing ingredients for up to 6 hours. Plus, it leaves behind a sheer, subtle red tint. Flattering to skin tone

And, you can caress your cheeks, with it, too, because SUGAR lip treatment can provide a pretty, soft warmth to the apples of your cheeks. Good news it's NOT sticky---key to also using it on the cheeks.

So, you are using the beauty product in 2 budget-saving ways.

And SUGAR lip treatment gets high marks by consumers. This way you know it's all good.

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