Saturday, April 5, 2014

Jennifer Aniston Really Means It When She Stresses: "No Botox For Me."

There are celebrities that do, and celebrities that don't.

And when it comes to Botox, the cosmetic wrinkle smoother, Jennifer Aniston is being totally honest about the most popular facial injection around.

The star says thumbs down to Botox, and the proof is right here:
If Jennifer received Botox injections, the prominent forehead lines in the recent photo would certainly NOT be so apparent. Her forehead tells the story---There is NO Botox there.

The 45-year-old actress talked to People mag once about getting wrinkles:

"Wrinkles," Jennifer claimed. "Nobody wants wrinkles, but Botox looks terrible."

Jennifer is busy at the moment filming a new movie called "Cake.".

It's not a glamorous role for the glam actress.  Here we see another pic of Jennifer in one of her movie scenes. You can clearly note the middle, between the eyes, 'eleven' wrinkles.

That's another very common Botox injection site. Further proof that the star truly shuns the cosmetic wrinkle smoother.
Jennifer Aniston is tired of ageism between men + women, as she revealed recently to Women's Wear Daily.

"Your age always has to be mentioned and men don’t really get that for some reason. It’s not like you see Joe Schmo, 37," she told WWD.

The actress prefers using skin care products like Aveeno, for which she is a brand spokesperson.
More about Aveeno here.

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