Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cindy Crawford's Derm Designs New Botox: But Think Before Getting This One!

We LOVE it when brand new beauty + skin care products are launched that use the latest scientific research. We are all for it. But do your homework. It's smart to get 2nd opinions to see if the product or treatment is for you and safe.

This brings us to a brand new Botox called Silhouette Soft. We like the name of this new injectable being introduced by the well-respected dermatologist of Cindy Crawford.

His name is Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh. He runs famous skin care clinics in both Paris + London. Plus, he created Cindy's skin care line "Meaningful Beauty."

What's so BAD about Silhouette Soft?

Hopefully NOT a thing. But when we learned what the injectable was made from, a beauty red flag went up. In a moment, we will explain our humble opinion.

First---the new Botox is "as big and important as Botox was 7 years ago," claims Mr. Sebagh. It's given to the patient with a needle to temporarily restore lovely volume to the face and to arrest wrinkles.

Sounds great, so far. And it only takes about 30 mins. for a session. NO downtime, and according to Dr. Sebagh, the New Botox continues to 'grow' inside the patient by encouraging the body to produce its OWN collagen over time, so that the face remains buoyant + youthful.

Touch-ups are advised after a year or year and a half.

The cost is about $2,000.

Here's where we start squirming......The  Soft Silhouette uses thread made of  poly-l-lactic acid, which acts on the deep skin layers.
Poly-l-lactic acid is otherwise known as Sculptra. Most of you have heard about this popular injection that was initially used for HIV patients to successfully fill and restore volume to  gaunt or depressed facial features.

One Boston plastic surgeon we have interviewed quietly told us to NEVER receive an injectable made of poly-l-lactic acid or even the popular Radiesse filler. He advised us that these 2 facial fillers in general can cause problems beneath the DEEP skin layers. So, if the skin suddenly develops an allergic reaction or infection, it is DIFFICULT to remove poly-l-lactic acid or Radiesse from the face, because these formulas can harden like cement.

Fillers like Juvederm, Restylane + Perlane are all safe, this doctor has told us...as is Botox.

So, just our humble opinion, but coming from the advice of a longtime, brilliant plastic surgeon. We are not naming him today, because we do not want to throw shade at Dr. Sebagh's new product launch.

And we did not interview this plastic surgeon about Dr. Sebagh's new threading proceure.

The beauty lesson here:
...Do your homework. Find the BEST products for you.

Maybe you have had Sculptra or Radiesse and LOVE it. That's fine. Just trying to give another opinion.

By the way.....Silhouette Soft is FDA-cleared for the US market and CE marked for the European market.

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Cc said...

Very educational post. Thanks so much. I learned alot!

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