Thursday, April 10, 2014

Duchess Of Cambridge Kate Wows New Zealand With 1970's High Ponytail Glamour

Duchess of Cambridge Kate looked tres chic once again, as she wowed the Blenheim, New Zealand crowd that had gathered to greet her and Duke of Cambridge William at a wreath-laying ceremony.

Kate wore a classic, robin's egg blue belted Alexander McQueen coat.

Her makeup was soft + warm with a rosy lip and cheek, and mascara with a light blue/gray eye shadow.

But let's talk about Kate's crowning glory! She has the most amazing, healthy, thick hair. And we strongly believe that she is extensions-free.
We LOVED the retro style--- a 1970's high ponytail. It's a glam, polished look with hair swept back in a lopped ponytail. Kate's personal hairdresser Amanda Cook Tucker fashioned the style.
Kate looked every bit the duchess.

Gotta love the 1970's high ponytail. This reminds us so much of beautiful Lynda Carter who wore the high ponytail on her "Wonder Woman" television series. It's NOT a severe ponytail, but one that is high + a bit poofy in back.

Would you wear the 1970's high ponytail?

If your hair is long + straight, you're good to go! You CAN copy this classic look.


Mrs.G said...

LUV this ponytail. I wear it alot! And Lynda Carter was so sstunning!!

Great post!

Jim2uu said...

Had major crush on Lynda Carter as a kid.Never noticed her hair--I was too busy looking at her amazing breasts!!

Anonymous said...

good comparison!

m said...

I almost forgot how really beautiful Lynda Carter was.