Monday, April 21, 2014

Duchess Kate Gets Perfect Brows With Bobbi Brown's Saddle Shadow

Yep.....Even divine duchesses need a little help in the brows department.

We're talking about the elegant Duchess Kate who's been wowing huge crowds with her wonderful fashion + classic, beauty styles.

If Kate has had a misstep, we certainly haven't seen it.

Today, we're looking at Kate's great brows! They appear so natural + full, BUT---she has a beauty tip that her makeup artists use on her to create the perfect brows:

Bobbi Brown Dark Brow Kit in Saddle/Mahogany, ($47, at BobbiBrownCosmetics). According to all the royal gossip, the pros at the Bobbi Brown makeup counters have taught the lovely duchess to even up + balance her brows with BB's Saddle eye shadow and a slanted brow brush.
Not every gal has been blessed with perfect, full, nicely groomed brows, but many of us cheat, and fill in the empty patches or thinning hairs here and there.
And that's alright to do...really.

Even royalty understands the power of great makeup. And Duchess Kate has been hitting all the right notes.