Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Do Most Stylish Celebrities Wear Hair Extensions? Kim Kardashian Took Hers Out, Again!

We're starting to believe that MOST female stars wear extensions. And that MOST female stars who do wear long, faux hair all really have shoulder length hair, at best.

Here's Kim Kardashian in Paris yesterday. This is her REAL hair length.

We were a bit shocked to see it so short and MINUS the perfect volume and hold. But there it was...a layered, shorter mane. And we're glad she showed it to the world.

Now here are 2 photos of the famous reality star arriving in Paris earlier , prior to removing her hair extensions.
This hairstyle featured locks that were INSTANTLY longer with at least twice the length.

Wow, what a major difference. 

Even ageless Christie Brinkley at 60, admits that she, too, wears faux hair. In fact, she sells her own popular hair extensions line---Hair2Wear.

This is why the iconic model adores clip-in extensions:

"It used to take a stylist hours to give me extensions. Now it takes me two seconds! They're so light and natural...I clip them in and forget they’re there! After skiing or a yoga class, I pull this out of my bag and do a quick fix in the ladies room. Instant volume. Instant glamour!" – Christie

Sometimes, perfection can be bought, and put on that evening.

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emily said...

Just proves Hollywood is all smoke and mirrors. All fake...from head to toe.