Monday, April 14, 2014

Statement Necklace Still Strong For Spring 2014--Get Yours Cheap!

You CAN spend a lot of $$$ on a statement necklace.

Sure, great ones will set you back about a hundred bucks, and really sparkling, genuine statement necklaces can cost you in the thousands.

But you can COPY the look on the cheap, and we mean, CHEAP!

And these inexpensive, statement necklaces look stunning, too. But since they are not even gold or silver-plated, these trendy chains + charms might only last about a year. But so be it; it's still fun to get your sparkle on!

Check out these fashionable celebrities making their OWN statement. And these eye-catching necklaces look glam with a casual tee, too. You don't have to be on the red carpet to add a little zing to your spring style.

Kate Beckinsale

Shay Mitchell

Olivia Palermo
Stores like Forever 21 have tons of the statement necklace style. Here's a pretty example and it's ONLY $10.80!