Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Don't Worry, Ladies: You Can Make VS Model Cleavage: See Lily Aldriche's Before + After

We think a good, push-up bra is a worthy investment for most of us. The right bra offers support, shape, lift and this little perk:


Yes. You CAN create cleavage, even when you have small breasts to begin with.

Most people, especially men, believe that ALL the Victoria's Secret + Sports Illustrated models are big-busted. Maybe there are a handful.

But most of these stunning models are the proud owners of a small bustline. And we mean SMALL.

And to prove our point.....Here is gorgeous VS + Sports Illustrated beauty Lily Aldriche in a bikini top + shorts in Miami yesterday at a photo shoot.

Now---here is the lovely Lily in a recent VS runway show.

Wow! What an amazing bra!
To us, Lily Aldriche is pretty in the Before and as well as the After photos.

But we think the point has been proven:

Just like the hair extensions so many celebs walk around in, NOT everything is genuine in the worlds of fashion + beauty.

So---Is that a good thing or  a bad thing.