Friday, April 4, 2014

Brooklyn Decker: Another Fan Of Not Shampooing Hair Too Often

We've been reading a lot about "no poo shampoo."

Our mother used to always caution us about OVER-shampooing. She told us we didn't need to. But our oily scalp had taught us otherwise.

Well, these days, we, too, have cut back from everyday shampooing. Now, we shampoo about 3- 4 times a week. So, we are NOT poo-free, but we are learning it's alright NOT to shampoo daily.

Then there's poo. The good kind.

And model Brooklyn Decker is into NOT shampooing too often. The beautiful blonde says she relies on dry shampoo to keep her long locks smelling clean + healthy.

Her beauty weapon?

Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo ($20, at

Here's how Drybar explains their popular  detox poo:

Prolong your blowout with Detox dry shampoo spray!
  • Absorbs oils and adds body and lift.
  • Leaves hair feeling fresh and clean.
  • Micro powder blends in with hair color leaving no white residue
Brooklyn is a BIG fan:

"I only wash my hair twice a week, and this makes my hair smell delicious!" the star admits.

By the way, Drybar sells a detox poo for brunettes in the pink can ($20).

Will you try and get rid of your hair hangover with a dry shampoo at least 2 X a week?

Or are you already totally poo-free?


Anonymous said...

I'm like you with an oily scalp. I tried going poo-free last Deceember.
BIG mistake!! I stunk--my hair looked too grimy to get away with it. Now I shampoo 5 times a week instead of 7. That works for me. I think shampooing too much is not good for hair but what else can we do? I have to work around lots of people in public. Wjo wants to smell my greasey hair?

theBride said...

Not totally poo-free. But I do what Brooklyn does and use a dry shampoo in btw.

kaylie401 said...

might look into this.thanx.

deenie said...

Damn if that's no poo, her hair looks amaze balls!