Thursday, April 24, 2014

Would You Put On Spanx Booty Bra For A Shapelier, Kardashian Behind? Or Let It Be?

We are all for the padded bra.....But for some strange reason, we would NOT put on a padded panty for our behind.

Sure, who doesn't want a perky, rounded butt like the beauty trend continues to inspire?

In fact, even Spanx the fashion leader in women's under clothing body shapers has come out with their own booty-licious push-up bra for your behind. We've been waiting for a few months before commenting on this one. But we can wait all day, because BIG butts aren't fading away.

The world seems to have an increasing butt obsession, so we are assuming these padded panties will be popular sellers.

Think Kim Kardashian but at a considerably smaller size with a curvy, lifted butt.

Now, imagine slipping into a pair of body hugging briefs with some strategic padding---a booty bra, as the nickname applies. And va-va-va-voom! Instant, sexier behind! NO surgery. NO fat or filler injections. Just a pretty, big, ole behind.

Would you put them on--now that Spanx has designed their own Booty Bra?

It's actually called the Spanx Trust Your Thinstincts Booty Bra. ($58, at Dillards).

We prefer what Victoria's Secret sells---the Oh So Cheeky Slimming Boyshort Panty. ($42, at Victoria's Secret).

This one has NO padding but a seamless, control-shaping nylon/spandex memory that smooths out your behind, slimming your hips and shaping your butt in a natural way.

What do you think ladies?

Is padding in the behind the right way to go in 2014?

Or just "let it be."


Anonymous said...

Just let it be.LOL or Let it go from the Frozen soundtrack.

Padded panties semm wrong.

Anonymous said...

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