Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Jennifer Connolly "Noah" Style: Effortless + Elegant Beauty

Not only is Jennifer Connolly a superb actress, but an unassuming, quiet star. And big star she is, with an Academy award and the new, much-talked about "Noah" movie.

Thank goodness there are a few, gorgeous celebrities who leave their egos at home.

Jennifer Connolly has been wowing us all with her beautiful gown choices at each "Noah" film premiere. From a black, sleek Lanvin to a floral, regal Givenchy, she looks incredible.....So effortless + elegant.

She seems to fly under the radar, but she should be noticed and applauded. We think the actress has been hitting all the right, beauty/fashion notes.

Look at the classic makeup---a cool, lined eye, natural, full brows, and a pretty pink-fuchsia lip. Nothing over-the-top. That's Jennifer's signature look---polished. By the way, we think Jennifer Connolly resembles a young Connie Sellecca.
So, what are Jennifer's beauty tips?

 She gave out a few, 5 months ago to Redbook magazine:

Skin care.  "I have one for day and one for night, and both are thorough. I use the Shiseido Future Solution LX line [Connelly is a face of the brand], the cleansing foam and the Concentrated Balancing Softener. I feel like it primes my skin to absorb the other products—a serum and the Total Protective Cream SPF 18. At night, I do the same steps but with a richer serum and cream."

Makeup night.
$22, Sephora
"If I have a few minutes, I put on Clé de Peau concealer stick, mascara, and, I know this is kind of '90s of me, but I use a lip pencil. Nars Marnie pencil is the shade I usually wear; it works with my coloring. I wear it all over my lips with Rosebud Salve on top. It doesn't feel like I have on lipstick, and I think it lasts longer."

Perfect Brows. "They're pretty much as they come, but I wrangle them slightly with tweezers."

Hair styling.  "I never really used styling products when my hair was long. Now, I really like Bumble and Bumble Bb. Texture Hair Undressing Creme. My hair is naturally wavy, and the cream gives it a nice texture."

$29, Sephora

Great tips, Jennifer!


rachel09L said...

Wonderful beauty tips from a great star. She is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

One classy lady!