Monday, April 21, 2008

Amatokin: A Real Stem Cell Youth Cream

Amatokin is the name of an anti-aging skin cream that has been out on the market for more than a year now. It was developed by Russian scientists in a secluded and security-guarded laboratory. The beauty emulsion is based on 15 years of research. And it is made up of stem-cell activating properties. The cream was originally designed to help burn victims with seriously damaged skin. And results have been impressive. And sales are still brisk.

At $173 for a single month’s supply, or one fluid ounce, Amatokin better do something splendid for your skin. By the way, Amatokin is pronounced, ‘Am-a-TOKE-in.’

Voss Laboratories, licensed distributors of Amatokin, boast that this beauty emulsion is “unquestionably, the most profound advancement in the skin care sciences in more than three decades.”

The super ingredient in Amatokin appears to be polypeptide #153, or, a 153-amino acid peptide chain. In simplest terms, the Amatokin wrinkle cream wakes up or stimulates your own resting or dormant adult stem cells, to spring into action and begin repairing skin.

The product claims that long term use “will result in a generation of new skin cells, firmer skin with a 45 percent reduction in wrinkles, and increased long term skin clarity.” And more importantly, states that Amatokin, “effectively resets your skin’s ‘aging clock’ by a minimum of five years.”

Amatokin comes in a pump bottle, which is very handy. It resembles a white cream of medium consistency. It’s highly concentrated, so only a pea-sized amount is advised for the entire face.

Pea-sized? That’s actually a tiny amount, and some women have complained that Amatokin’s texture also makes it difficult to rub or absorb into the skin.

Amatokin is wonderful for both women and men, and on all colors and types of complexions.

Within a couple of weeks, many women have reported a luminosity and clearness to the skin, as well as a softening of fine wrinkles.

Is Amatokin the ‘face of the future?’ Or the ‘promise of youth?’ Only time will tell.

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