Saturday, April 19, 2008

How To Create Your Own Lipstick Shade And More

How many times has this happened to you?
You find this gorgeous shade of rose lipstick. You wear it over and over again, because the color is perfect for you. Then 3 months later, you're in the drugstore looking to buy more, only to discover that your favorite lipstick has been discontinued. Such a horror.

Believe it or not. There is a company that can clone or re-create your favorite makeup shade, even from a small, paint chip sample you send them in the mail. That's pretty impressive.

Three Custom Color Specialists can create discontinued shades for your lips, cheeks, eyes, and face. Or you can custom-design your own shade, in whatever color you wish and the experts will take it from there.

Three Custom Color Specialists is based in New York City. They also sell their own brand of high-end makeup. The color palettes are quite beautiful to see. The three founders include:
Trae Bodge, creative director. Scott Catto, managing director. And Chad Hayduk, training director.

The company even boasts an archive of discontinued shades at their website. For instance, type in the color or brand name you are hunting for; Revlon Mauve Mystique 05 lipstick. Or how about Estee Lauder All Day Pink lipstick. No problem. Three Custom Color Specialists can clone those shades for you. Or you could always send them a sample of your favorite lipstick to re-create. A dime-sized shape of your lipstick will do.

Their website is fun and full of wonderful colors and makeup and great-looking brushes and applicators. Visit:

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