Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Smartskincare.com....Don't Go Anywhere Else

Skin care is such a personal thing. Some women have large pores. Others complain about a dry complexion. But there is something we can all share in---www.Smartskincare.com. This is an amazing website. If you have a question about anything regarding skin, you’d be a fool, not to visit there.

Skin care has come a long way, and the advances in anti-aging techniques and the development of new serums and creams, have truly improved how people can look, even after years of sun damage, hard living, and merely natural aging. But do you really know what product or procedure works for your particular skin care need?

Dr. German Todorov can guide you. He is a well-respected medical researcher who specializes in cell biology and anti-aging medicine.

Trust me. His website is impressive. It is an education in skin care and anti-aging. Drop by. You won’t be disappointed.

Dr. Todorov’s website proudly displays this quote at the top:

“Intelligent anti-aging skin care based on independent research. Lose wrinkles and keep your bank account.”

Dr. Todorov does not pressure the reader into buying a certain anti-aging brand product, nor does he favor a particular cosmetic treatment, such as liposuction or a facelift. He doesn’t sell or endorse anything.

“Our goal is to help you work out the smartest possible strategy for your personal skin care and rejuvenation,” Todorov explains. “Our main sources of information are clinical rejuvenation studies conducted by independent research institutions and published in peer reviewed biomedical journals.”

And wouldn’t you love to know, how dozens of women feel about the same product you have just purchased?

For example, let’s say, you are interested in buying Victoria Principal’s line of skin care products. At this moment, there were 14 consumer reviews at Dr. Todorov’s website. Five of the reviews rated Victoria Principal’s beauty treatments as, “Excellent.” Three rated them as, “Good.” Another three as, “Adverse effects.” And the last three as, “No effect.” Then you could click on to each review and read more details, as to how the consumer reached her or his personal conclusions..

There are tons of beauty products with reviews. From a cheap jar of Vaseline to a very expensive cream by La Mer. You might be surprised at some of the ratings. Expensive doesn’t always mean, “excellent.”

There is also a community forum at http://www.smartskincare.com/. You can ask Dr. Todorov a question and receive his professional opinion.

As we’ve all been told, “Knowledge is power.” You have nothing to lose, but great-looking skin to gain.


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