Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oops! My Hair Is Too Dark!!!

You've heard of this one: Color Oops. It's a hair color corrector, and In Style Magazine calls Oops, one of its beauty breakthroughs for 2008.
What Color Oops can do, at just $12.99 a bottle at drugstores like Walgreens, is lift the color dye errors you have made. For instance, if you've dyed your light brown hair a shade of deep chocolate brown, and it isn't attractive to you, try Oops. This product is said to perform near miracles on darker dyes. It might not lift your Cleopatra black tresses completely, but, you will be able to lift your hair a few shades lighter.

Now if you dyed your hair platinum, well, Color Oops can not help you there. That initial process has involved bleaching, and the reverse coloring cannot be accomplished with this method.

The beauty of Oops is its gentle formula. It's bleach and ammonia free. You apply it to your hair, and after 20 minutes, you rinse away your dark dye molecules.

Some women claim Oops works best on newly colored hair mistakes. If you have dark dye in your hair from years ago, well, it might not lift as many shades as you would like. Still, the stuff is worth trying, especially if you're sitting there with orange and brown clown hair and crying your eyes out.

Please, follow directions to a "T." And as the experts all advise, please do a strand test.

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