Friday, April 25, 2008

Surfer's Secret Sand Eliminator

A product that gets rid of beach sand quickly and effectively. Without using water. Now why couldn't I think of that? Darn.

Surfer's Secret Sand Eliminator. A bottle will last you all summer. You can't hate this product. With it being 'Green Week,' this is an excellent item to promote. First of all, it's safe for everyone and biodegradable. It's made of soothing and natural things like: cornstarch, grapeseed oil, and aloe vera. Plus, it's wonderful for the whole family. Sand in the diaper? No problem. Sand in your bikini? No problem. Sand all over your feet, and you're about to step into your new Mercedes? No problem at all.

This product rocks, dude, and yeah, surfers love the stuff. Surfer's Secret Sand Eliminator comes in two sizes--- a 1.5 oz bottle for $3.50, and a 6 oz. bottle for $7.00. Even the price is right.

So how does it work? All you need to do is squeeze a quarter-size amount into your hand and wipe it over the area caked with sand. Or you can apply it on a towel and wipe. The sand just glides off. Amazing. And you're left with smooth skin, thanks to the grapeseed and aloe moisturizing benefits.

Be sand free this summer. The stuff even wipes away grass clippings, hair clippings, and more.

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Anonymous said...

Tried this product and it didn't really work. Baby Powder is what our family has used for years, it removes all the sand and is much less expensive.

surfmom said...

I went to their website b/c i thought they were so clever to market powder for this when we have been using it at our family beach house for years. And you know what i learned...not all powders are talc free. I couldn't believe it when i went in my closet and turned around my babypowder(Johnson & Johnson)to read the ingrdients there it was Talc. So I got some and i LOVE it! I have no idea why the other reviewer said it didn't work that well, it is the exact same as baby powder but better b/c it is talc free and it has ALOE. so you know what... knowing we are talc free and the bonus of Aloe to soothe our sun kissed skin is worth the extra buck, now i just need to get it in a retail location near me!

Anonymous said...

I read about this new product in a magazine, so I tried it. I was very disappointed, it did not work as well as baby powder. Every beach goer knows, baby powder is the only thing that really takes off sand.

Christopher Hendrix said...

just because YOU LIKE baby powder certainly doesn't make this a bad product. UNLIKE BABY powder with TALC this is talc free and also has ALOE A VERY SOOTHING PRODUCT FOR THE BEACH