Sunday, April 6, 2008

Makeup...Even Celebrities Need Some

Need we say more?
Just a little dab will do some good. Okay, maybe we won't ever look as amazing as these celebrities. But a tiny bit of makeup is a good thing. Maybe it's just gloss on the lips. Or a sweep of brown eyeshadow. Or even a few strokes of black mascara.
Makeup enhances your looks. It even performs magic for these beautiful celebrities. Many actresses and models look almost average with bare skin. It kind of levels the playing field, wouldn't you say?

In case you don't recognize them..... The bottom photos show Sharon Osbourne with makeup and without makeup. The center photos feature Kelly Ripa's Before and After (top). And Eva Longoria Parker's Before and After (bottom). The upper right photos are all of Rebecca Gayheart with and without makeup.

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