Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Botox and Restylane With Dr. Brandt

First there was Botox, and now there are fillers to plump you up. Learn what Dr. Frederic Brandt has to say about the hottest shots around-- Botox and Restylane.

They say Dr. Frederic Brandt is so sought after, that he has a mile long list of celebrity clientele. No, he’s not naming names, but the Hollywood A-listers flock to him at his Miami and New York City offices, and so do unfamous folks.

It’s been noted that Botox procedures have jumped some 400% in the last several years. Botox cosmetic is really from the botulinum toxin type and continues to hold the distinction of number one injectable in the United States. Dr. Brandt isn’t surprised at its popularity.

“Botox cosmetic has revolutionized our field,” Dr. Brandt says. “Botox is easy to administer, safe and effective, and not only reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, but also has the effect of preventing the future formation of wrinkles and fine lines if used appropriately.”

Dr. Brandt has been credited with creatively injecting botox to “lift” the face and make patients appear several years younger and refreshed. “The Botox cosmetic is used to create a ‘face-lift” by raising the eyebrows and tightening the neck platysmal bands and diminishing the appearance of the horizontal lines of the neck. As always, these procedures have to be performed by trained physicians.”

Restylane is a newer injectable on the block, and like Botox, it is a non-invasive procedure. Restylane does something Botox does not, and that is, add fullness to skin that is aging.

Restylane is still one of the most popular FDA-approved injectables out there. Dr. Brandt explains. “It is a filler, so it is different from Botox. Restylane is used to restore volume and fill in the wrinkles and folds temporarily. Botox is a paralyzing agent–it does not have an effect on volume. However, the combination of these therapies creates amazing results without the potential of surgery. Patients love these therapies since they get results or ‘instant gratification’ with one or only a few treatments.”

Restylane is a cosmetic filling agent made of Hyaluronic acid, which already occurs naturally in the body. It’s effects on the skin last up to 9 months.

With the right set of injectables like Botox and fillers, Dr. Brandt suggests that an adult can erase 5 to 10 years from their age. In the meantime, he says we could all benefit by being sensible about the sun and general lifestyle.

“It is important that patients take care of their skin by avoiding sun exposure (always use an UVB-UBA sun screen). They can be using a very expensive repair cream at night, and then the following day, they play golf or tennis under the sun all day without proper protection. Clean your face extremely well, especially before going to bed, and maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine,” Dr. Brandt says.

Dr. Brandt has his own skin care line at: http://www.drbrandtskincare.com.

Madonna, is said to be a big fan of his products.

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