Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yoga Shoulder Stand ---Keeps You Skinny

Here's some excellent news for those of you trying to stay skinny:

The yoga shoulder stand. It does a body good! No kidding.

Many yoga students have experienced incredible weight normalization with the aid of the shoulder stand. The thyroid gland is stimulated during the pose. The shoulder stand helps to promote the correct functioning of the thyroid by increasing the blood supply into the throat area.

Not only is the shoulder stand great for weight control, it also helps those suffering with asthma. As Raghuram, a yogi who has taught yoga to some 16,000 asthmatic patients worldwide, explains it, "In this posture, the diaphragm muscle is strengthened because it has to work against gravity. This opens the chest and improves lung capacity."

The yoga shoulder stand is also good for those with varicose veins, since it allows the blood to flow out of the legs. The exercise pose does wonders for your belly and legs, too. It strengthens them and tones them up.

If you can do the shoulder stand for 2 minutes, once a day, you will gradually pick up the benefits. Start out slowly, and be sure your chin is pressed against your chest during the pose. Breathe slowly and deeply.

Do not attempt the shoulder stand if you suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, glaucoma, or slipped discs (always best to check with your doctor before trying). And do not get into this position during your period. The inversion of your body can cause dizziness or nausea. However, doing the shoulder stand when you don't have your period, is said to relieve menstrual cramps in the long run.


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