Thursday, April 10, 2008

Perfume. Design Your Own Fragrance

Ladies, let's be honest. Perfume is a very personal thing. Your fragrance is your own. In fact, don't you hate it when you're smelling your own perfume on the woman behind you in the checkout line?
I once complimented a friend on the cologne she was wearing. She told me the label, how unique a fragrance it was, and that not too many women knew about it. Then I went out and bought some. The next time I bumped into my friend, she smelled the fragrance on me. And she was fuming that I had stolen HER scent.

You get the picture. Well, now you can design or create your own perfume! How wonderful is that?! Check out

Perfume Lab is a company located in France. For 30 euro, or about $47, you can 'build' your very own fragrance. And for about 75 euro, or $118, you can receive your individual perfume creation kit.

According to Perfume Lab, a single perfume can contain up to 300 ingredients and take up to 2 years to create. But Perfume Lab has made the process so much easier.You can choose from 21 ingredient bases, like vanilla, amber, and citrus. You also get an education in fragrance-making. Perfumes have top notes, middle notes and end notes. You choose the amount of this and that.

The only drawback to such a special website like, is its inability to provide smell-a-vision. You cannot inhale the aroma of your creation. However, the folks at Perfume Lab are more than happy to assist your in your fragrance design.

Come on. How romantic and lovely would it be to receive your own perfume! Wouldn't this make a super gift?


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