Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Chanel's Blue Satin Is It For Nails

Dark nails are still ruling the runway, the boardroom, the suburbs, and beyond.

And the trendiest nail going at the moment is navy. No, the black polish boom is still here to stay, but Chanel's Blue Satin ($19) is the 'it' shade. And some of the hottest women in Hollywood are sporting the true blue hue. Blue Satin is not always easy to find. It's sold-out in many stores. But Ebay is always a good place to search for those-hard-to-find beauty items.

Dark nail polish has become a rather acceptable fashion accessory. And it isn't just for the 20-something crowd. If you keep nails short, then navy, black, or deep purple polish, looks smart, sophisticated, and sexy, for all ages.

Maybe we should blame it on Chanel's Vamp. It seems to have started about 13 years ago. Remember that one??? With the deep red undertones? It seemed almost ‘witchy’ or ghoulish to be wearing it at the time. A delicious, naughty-girl fashion trend.

Vamp had not really taken off, until designer Karl Lagerfeld sent his models down the catwalk, strutting boldly with the bold Vamp nail color. After folks caught sight of the striking and unusual nail shade, Vamp soared in popularity. And according to Chanel's international director of makeup creation, Dominique Moncourtois, Vamp remains "the 9th or 10th best seller of Chanel’s 30 colors."

You don’t have to spend $19 on a bottle of Chanel's Blue Satin nail polish. OPI has a lovely polish with marine undertones and at a cheaper price tag ($8.50). It's called Yoga-ta-Get This Blue.

And if you prefer to drench your nails in a much lighter but more vibrant shade, pink colors are also hot for the spring/summer season. Just take a peek at OPI's India collection( , and you will see fuchsias, corals, oranges, and reds. How about ElePhantastic Pink for your toes?

Whichever nail shade you choose, remember to have a little fun expressing yourself.

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