Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Makeup Tips For Brows And Eyes By Sandy Linter

New York City makeup artist, Sandy Linter, is a legend when it comes to creating beautiful faces. We love interviewing Sandy because she has so much beauty knowledge she is willing to share. Sandy has been working professionally since 1972, and has put makeup on many famous faces--- like models Heidi Klum and Elizabeth Hurley, actress Eva Longoria, Jacqueline Onassis, and the list goes on and on. Linter has done flawless makeup for magazine covers like Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, New York, Arena, and Shape. And she shares a few simple tips here.

According to Linter, thin brows are the biggest mistake she sees women make, time and time again. And with thicker, more defined eyebrows back in vogue, now is not the time to be plucking.

"I don’t like overly thin, trying to be perfect brows," Linter says. "I like a fuller, more natural looking brow. It is not an L.A. brow, but more like a ‘model’s brow. Look at the models, not the actresses in the magazines for correct brow shapes."

Linter explains that thin brows are more aging on a women. She advises to use brow pencils. "Kevin Aucoin has one that is perfect for any medium to dark brow and Lancome has perfect colors for the lighter blonde brows. Make sure your brow technician does not use any wax. If you think your brows are getting too thick, just use the tweezers. And don’t make the ends too short. It’s tricky, you don’t want the eyebrow to go down at the ends. This is where mistakes happen. Take off as little as possible. I try to get as much mileage from their natural shape that I can."

And if you have an eyebrow disaster, Linter advises to leave them alone. Be patient and allow them to grow back in. She believes it is best to learn to groom your eyebrows yourself, rather than go to an eyebrow technician, where many of them take off too much of the brow to try and make them perfect. Over-tweezing and snipping will leave you very little brows by the time you reach your 40s.

Another interesting tip: Grow bangs to cover thin eyebrows. That really makes them look thicker than they are. And by the way, bangs were everywhere on the runway. So fringe is in.

Lined eyes are fine....Just don’t end up with raccoon eyes. Just a few months ago last fall, most of the runway shows were featuring heavily, kohl-rimmed eyes, a much darker, edgier look. And other shows had models wearing cat eyes, with a very exaggerated liner wing at the outside corners of the eyes. And some models wore vibrant eye shadows in jewel- like greens, and blues, and purples. But for every day appearances, a lighter, more subtle touch goes a long way.

Linter suggests that the average woman should be wearing eyeliner and mascara, for a cool look to the eyes. Not a dark eye, she says, but a defined eye. It takes some practice, but when done right, the eyes pop open wide.

"Pencil. Blend with a brush," Linter suggests. "Or the MAC gel liner is superb. It is a little tricky to apply. You need a stiff brow brush. Once on, it stays on all day. Flick the ends up with a wet, pointed Q-tip."

A defined brow and eye are just two beauty tips that will really enhance your attractiveness.

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