Friday, April 4, 2008

Beauty Buys For 2008....It's Serendipitous! Oprah Loves This!

Here are five great beauty buys for 2008. A luxurious shampoo. An intelligent blusher. An amazing mascara. A true whitening toothpaste. And a chocolate-laced cologne.

1...Philip B. White Truffle Shampoo...Almost Good Enough To Eat
Some of you have probably tasted a decadent truffle oil on a meal you’ve enjoyed. Well, this time, it’s been bottled for your mane. You want thicker, bouncy, and shinier hair? Then nourish your locks with Philip B. White Truffle Shampoo. No kidding. The shampoo contains 23.2% of pure plant extracts made of ‘the finest Italian white truffle oil.’
Philip B. White Truffle Shampoo is full of good stuff like Vitamin B5. Just one shampoo, and you’ll notice the difference.....8 oz....$54.00

2...Almay Smart Shade Blush.....It’s Elementary!
Finally, a cream blush that matches your skin’s own natural blush. All you do is smooth the cream across your cheeks with your fingertips, and that’s it. Almay Smart Shade Blush has created ‘microscopic shade-sensing color beads,’ that complement your individual skin tone.
For soft, rosy cheeks, give this new Almay beauty product a try. In three tones of warmth: Natural, Pink, and Berry. $9.00 a tube.

3...Kiss Me Mascara.....It Does A Bride Good
Bride Magazine ranks this lash lengthener in its own top 10 beauty list. It’s cleverly called, Kiss Me Mascara. This is a great find, especially for those who wear contact lenses, and for the happy bride on her important day. There is no irritation. It is not an oil-based paint like traditional mascaras. Instead, the formula lengthens your lashes with water resistant ‘tubes.’ It lasts longer and yes, you can even sleep with it on.
Kiss Me Mascara won’t smudge, run, or flake, and comes in 3 luscious shades.....$24.00 tube.

4...Super Smile Whitening System.....Still One Of The Leaders
I once read, that the late Princess Diana loved using Super Smile whitening toothpaste. For what it’s worth, the brand enjoys a fine reputation, and as I recall, Princess Di had a beautiful, white set of teeth.
The Super Smile Whitening System is a simple, foolproof way to a whiter smile. All you do is brush your teeth for 2 minutes, twice daily. Forget the goopy trays and mystery ingredients that claim to brighten your teeth. This system is really gentle on enamel, and really works.
The Super Smile set includes 1.2 oz. of accelerator and 1.75 oz. of toothpaste....$33.00

5...Serendipitous.....It’s Cocoa You Can Wear!! Oprah Loves This One!
Not an easy word to spell, but boy oh boy, what a delicious indulgence. Serendipitous by Serendipity 3 is a cologne with a rich, cocoa scent. It’s chocolate you can wear. There are also subtle hints of sweet orange and Tahitian vanilla nicely blended together.
Ever hear of New York City’s famous ice cream parlor, ‘Serendipity?’ This cologne is a sweet addiction with zero calories, and it smells nice on both men and women....1.7 oz.......$38.00.

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