Monday, April 7, 2008

Restylane Can Lift Sagging Earlobes

Ever since plastic surgeon Allan E. Wulc went on ‘Good Morning America’ to show off his new cosmetic invention, women have been buzzing about the results. With a quick needle prick or two, sagging earlobes are plumped up! Earrings hang beautifully once again.

It seems rather simple, and yet, Dr. Wulc, a suburban Philadelphia plastic surgeon, was the only expert to figure it out. If you’re suffering from sagging earlobes, damaged pierced earring holes, or even wrinkled lobes, you’re not alone. And now there’s a cure that will make you smile from ear to ear. Just a quick and painless shot or two, and the lobes plump up. Yes, chandelier earrings hang better. And those brilliant, sparkling diamond studs no longer point south.
It’s called ‘earlobe rejuvenation,’ and Dr. Wulc says women are grateful for his clever idea. His magic weapon? The popular filler or injectable known as Restylane.

Heavy earrings aren’t the only reason. Ladies, I hate to break the news, but our earlobes, and even our nose tips, sag with age. Add heavy earrings, year after year to originally pierced ears, and well, they contribute to the problem. Apparently, our earlobes don’t have the firm tissue found on other parts of the body. So, even creases can form on the earlobes with time.

"The emphasis today, is on lifting, by filling up areas that are sagging, and volumizing, rather than tightening," Dr. Wulc explains. "I use Restylane, or fat, if the patient desires a more permanent solution, to rejuvenate and volumize the face. Restylane lasts for up to a year. I have patients where it has lasted for up to three years. And it is structurally solid enough to actually support and lift. It’s like adding supporting columns, so it can be used to elevate the corners of the lip."

As far as injecting into the earlobe, Dr. Wulc has been performing the quick procedure since June of 2006. And his careful injections do not disrupt the pierced hole. In fact, the vertical elongation of a pierced ear can be improved.

So far, after some 9 mos., none of his patients has requested a secondary injection. "I do think we will get results up to a year, but would hope that it would be longer. In general, I add Restylane everywhere I feel it is needed in the face. The earlobes are injected at the end of the procedure, when most of the other areas have been rejuvenated. In general, we send patients home immediately after the injection with their earrings on. We clean them first and place antibiotic ointment on the earlobe."

Most plastic surgeons charge $600 for Restylane treatment that can cover most areas of the face.

And by the way, yes, you can handle a couple of needle pricks. The pain isn’t enormous. And according to Dr. Wulc, allergies to Restylane are "exceedingly rare."

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