Friday, September 12, 2008

Almay Intense i-Color Mascara Makes Your Eyes Pop

Let's be honest, here. There's always something you wish you had. I have dark brown eyes. And if I add brown or black eyeliner and black mascara, my eyes look almost black. In addition, I have dark brown hair. I have always desired blue eyes. I'll never forget a hunky guy in college who came up to me in a pizza parlor, and told me he was in love with my long, dark hair. Then he had the nerve to say, "I love your eyes, but I wish they were blue."

"Gee, thanks."

The closest I've ever been to blue eyes, was a brief stint with navy blue mascara a number of years ago. Now, before you laugh, the navy mascara was actually quite pretty with my dark brown eyes. And guess what?! Colored mascara is big this season.

Almay cosmetics are excellent beauty products. And everyone is buzzing about Almay's Intense i-Color Mascara ($7.49, your local drugstore). It's a gel-based mascara that glides easily across your lashes. The formula is enriched with Vitamins A & E and silky proteins.

And Almay Intense i-Color Mascara comes in 4 sexy shades to complement the color of your eyes: Blue Sapphire. Emerald Green. Brown Topaz. Black Pearl.

(Black Pearl for Hazel Eyes)

(Brown Topaz for Brown Eyes)

(Emerald Green for Green Eyes)

(Blue Sapphire for Blue Eyes)

I'm not sure, whether Almay got the matching mascaras right for the eye colors. In other words, I happen to believe that the Blue Sapphire would go nicely with my dark brown eyes, since I have tried that combination in the past. And I read a number of store reviews about Almay Intense i-Color Mascara, where several women claim that the Emerald Green goes nicely with their brown eyes. In fact, some women say that the colored mascaras complement every eye shade.

The reviews all seem to agree, that the Almay product is a great one: lashes are lengthened with the gel-based formula and the mascara lasts all day, and is hypoallergenic (good for contact lens wearers).

By the way, I have learned to love my dark brown eyes. Those, and my dark brown hair.


Anonymous said...

hello, j. tania. i have dark brown eyes too, and think that navy mascara is really pretty. i also love purple mascara with brown eyes. only try to do this kind of makeup when i go clubbing.

Anonymous said...

i can't find the almay blue sapphire or emerald green. someone please send me to a place i can get them for sure?

Nailtiques said...

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