Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dyeing To Be A Ravishing Redhead

When a redhead walks into a room, all eyes follow. It's no wonder that many women are dyeing to be a ravishing redhead. And a number of them have become Hollywood icons. Going red is exciting and seductive. But there are a few roadblocks in the upkeep department, and we'll show you how to avoid them, including fast-fading color.
Red hair is alluring and unique, considering that only 2% of the American population has naturally red hair. Scotland, by the way, has the highest percentage of redheads around.

Most women can carry off a shade of red. The key is trying to select the proper shade that complements complexion and eyes.

For example, there are cool tones and warm tones. Copper tones appear to be the most natural looking red shades for hair coloring.

Legendary hair colorist, Louis Licari, of New York City, has written a few wonderful books about dyeing hair. He would immediately suggest you visit a professional salon for drastic changes. But if you're going to home-color your locks, make sure your hair is in its healthiest condition. And you don't have to go Lucille Ball-red to become a redhead. Just a subtle red undertone can make a difference. You look more vibrant and softer.

Louis Licari had this advice for ladies looking for red hair tips, and trust us, Louis is a rockstar when it comes to creating beautiful hair color:

"Think about the difference between an ash blond and golden blond or an ash brown and chocolate brown. The ash colors are drab and drain the color from your complexion. The warm (red) base colors make your skin color come alive. This is what today's hair color is all about. Hair color should brighten your look. When you have the right hair color, it should look like you have on a bit of makeup. Red tones will make every hair color more dynamic.

BEAUTY WARNING! I must address all people with sallow complexions. You must avoid lighter warm shades. They will blend with your skin color and make your skin appear more sallow. This is a major beauty faux pas. You should choose a darker color to provide contrast with your skin color. Dark golden blonds, deep chocolates, and dark auburns work best with sallow complexions."

For more fabulous hair tips from Louis Licari, visit his blog at:
Red color is the fastest fading dye of the entire hair color spectrum. According to what we learned, the red color molecule is the largest of all the color molecules, and for that reason, washes out very easily. That is why, washing red dyed hair too frequently, can speed up fading. That and chlorine pool water.

Invest in shampoos that are for color-treated hair to hold on to your exciting new hair shade. And if you want the least upkeep, put in a few red highlights around your face, instead of going the red route for your entire head.

Whatever redness you opt for, we're sure you'll enjoy the results. Meantime, why not try Clairol's New Herbal Essences Fire Red Collection. Shades range from burgundy to deep red and auburn. And Clairol says this homecolor dye is formulated with special VibeRed Color Boosting Technology that helps to keep your red shade alive for up to 8 weeks.


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