Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Help Me!! My Hair Is Fried!!

Summer is winding down. Vacations are over. You're heading back to work or school. And there's just one, major problem-----"Help Me!! My Hair Is Fried!!"

You're not alone. It isn't difficult to mess up your crowning glory. There are so many factors that contribute to dry, brittle, damaged hair. Such things as: Salt Water. Chlorine. Hot sun. Coloring. Perming. Straightening. Blow drying.
A little too much 'Sun In,' perhaps?

Whatever the case, your hair needs help in the keratin department.

Keratin is found in your hair, skin, nails, and teeth. Our hair strands are made of these protein fibers. And when your keratin composition is depleted or weakened, your hair, skin, nails, and teeth, will show the difference.

That is why we have all heard about the importance of getting enough protein in our diets. Without it, there is dullness, split ends, hair breakage, hair loss, and other ugly results.

A diet including foods with Vitamin B5 (yogurt, avocados), is excellent for strong, beautiful keratin-rich hair.

Also check out these keratin-building foods:
Vitamin B (liver, eggs)
Folic Acid (beans, fortified cereals)
Calcium (milk, yogurt)
Zinc (meat, fish)

In the meantime, you can nourish your hair with keratin shampoos. These specially formulated shampoos contain body-building properties that effectively repair damaged hair, protecting against further breakage, and adding shine and elasticity to every strand.

Here are 3 Keratin Shampoos We Like:

1. Keratin Shampoo by Mill Creek Botanicals ($6.99, 16 fl. oz.)

2. Natural Apricot Keratin Shampoo by Jason Natural ($8.95, 16 fl. oz.)

3. Sunsilk Hydra TLC Shampoo with Nutri-Keratin ($27.50, 12 oz. bottles, 6-pk).
Remember: Keratin gives your hair its strength. We could all use a little keratin once in a while, especially after summer.

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