Friday, September 26, 2008

A How To For Ladies Who Hate Wearing Undies

Okay, we're certainly not going to lecture here. If you love 'Going commando,' then by all means, continue your wild and free journey.

In case you're wondering......Going commando, simply means not wearing underwear.

Maybe your husband or boyfriend does it all the time. For some of you, that's just ew!!! And yeah, there are plenty of gals who hate wearing panties, too. Maybe you are one of those brave souls.

I remember my mom and aunt telling me and then re-telling me often, about a friend of theirs who hated wearing panties, and never did. She was proudly going underwear-free in the 1930's, 1940's and beyond that. Such a dangerous woman, ha ha.

Hey, that's fine by me. The only problem many of us have about Going commando, is the non-hygenic aspect of it all.

And here's a clever solution that tackles the health aspect and delivers 'no panty lines.'
Commandos-The Patch ($16, 8-count, at

These Commandos come in Pink or Blue, and are disposable. What a cool idea.

"Attach this revolutionary patch to the cross seam of your pants, jeans or shorts for a discreet, hygienic barrier that protects garments and your skin. Whether you go without panties after wax treatments, beneath form fitting attire or even every day, Commandos offer a soft, secure design guaranteed to go completely unnoticed. Self-adhesive and disposable. 8-ct. Please note: Not for use with skirts or dresses."

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Anonymous said...

can't stop laughing. my roomie does that all the time. she thinks it's free and sexy. i say gross!!!