Monday, September 8, 2008

An Apple A Day Keeps Breast Cancer Away?!

Don't laugh, but I actually enjoy going apple picking. I do it every September with my mother. In fact, we stopped by the apple orchard this morning. And I just heard from my good friend Patty 'O'. She's taking her daughter Emily to go picking, too. Nothing beats a juicy, tart McIntosh apple fresh from the tree branch.

There is also a good reason I am mentioning 'An Apple A Day.' This is your beauty tip for today, my lady friends. And it's a timeless tip, which means that girls and women of all ages can benefit from eating apples.

An apple a day keeps breast cancer away?! According to a study done three years ago at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., researchers discovered that the incidence of breast cancer tumors were significantly reduced when apples were included in the diet.

Now, some of you might want to toss a hard apple right at me when you learn that the research was conducted using rats. But look at it this way, it was the first study to examine the effect of apples on cancer in animals. And the results were pretty amazing.

The rats were treated with a known mammary carcinogen. And for 24 weeks, were fed whole apple extracts. In the rats that ate the human equivalent of one apple a day, the tumor occurrence was lowered by 17 percent. 3 apples a day reduced the tumors by 39 percent, and 6 apples a day knocked it down by 44 percent.

So you ask, what is so magical about the fruit of an apple? There are anti-oxidants in fresh apples. Actually known as phytochemicals. And the food scientists who conducted the Cornell University breast cancer study, also found that these powerful phytochemicals also inhibit human colon cancer and liver cancer cell growth.

To get the biggest benefit, eat a real apple. In other words, no dietary supplements. Fresh fruit is superior for obtaining these anti-cancer rewards.

We've got nothing to lose. Apples are packed with healthy ingredients. And apples sure taste good. And if you don't like an early Mac, don't worry. There are tons of apples to choose from---Macoun, Cortland, Paula Red, Yellow Delicious, and so on.

Here's another beauty tip today: Eating an apple is very effective at cleaning your teeth. If you don't have a toothbrush at your side, an apple is the next best thing. Dentists says that apples scrub away stains. Think of an apple as nature's toothbrush.

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Anonymous said...

Hello J.
Thank you for trying to keep us all aware about beauty from within. I go apple picking with my husband and kids every year.
We've got to find a way to wipe out cancer forver. And if that means eating an apple every day, why not. It couldn't hurt. I also love your beauty articles about hair and makeup too.