Thursday, September 25, 2008

How To Use A Lip Brush For The Perfect Smile

We received a lip brush as a gift or as one of the accessories in a free cosmetics grab bag. And it's sitting in the bottom of a drawer somewhere, untouched. Or maybe you carelessly tossed it out because you didn't know exactly how to use a lip brush.

We're here to tell you, you must use a lip brush for the perfect smile.

What you gain by using this clever, little beauty accessory, is precision and control in the application of lip color.

You also use less lipstick when you use a lip brush.

And you are creating a more defined lip line. Let's say your lips are a bit uneven. You can achieve a more balanced lip line, by using a lip brush to subtley paint on a tiny bit beyond your imperfection.

Maybelline New York shares great and simple tips on how to use beauty essentials like the lip brush, in their website section called, Brushes 101 (

How to Use a Lip Brush For The Perfect Smile:

Prepare brush. Apply lipstick or lip gloss to the brush.

Apply to lower lip. Dab color on the center of your lower lip. Brush color toward outer corners until your entire lower lip is covered. Stroke from side to side for smooth, even color.

Apply to upper lip. Repeat step 2 for your upper lip.
There are hundreds of lip brushes at your local drugstore, high-end department shops, and on-line beauty stores like and

We absolutely adore the retractable lip brush. It's a super beauty gadget because it stays neatly hidden to protect its bristles. And when you want to use it, it 'pops' up for quick and precise application. And it's mess-free. You can throw it in the bottom of your pocketbook without worrying about lipstick stains ruining your bag.

Lip brushes also come with a pointed tip or flat square tip, depending on your preference. The hairs also are available in synthetic or animal hairs. And some lip brushes cost under $10. Others can run you $100 or more.

Here are 3 Lip Brushes we like:
1. Sephora Brand Professional Platinum Square Retractable Lip Brush #60 ($12).
2. Smashbox Retractable Lip Brush 18 ($20).
3. Bobbi Brown Lip Brush ($22).


Anonymous said...

I am glad that you are able to post this kind of article. I also observed that many women do not use Lip brush because they do not know how to use it. Your instruction is a big help and I agree that Lip brush helps to have perfect smile because it emphasize the beauty of your lips.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for you comments, beautyguru. I had a lot of trouble using a lip brush at first, but now it's quite easy. My mom is old school, and wouldn't touch such a beauty tool. ha ha,

Anonymous said...

There are many people looking for ways to have perfect smile but they cannot find something to help them. I believe that your article is a big help because you are able to solve problems of other people. Keep on posting good information! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi beauty items:

Thanks for your kind words. I hope my articles are educational, fun, and friendly.

I am certainly no expert on anything beauty-related. But like most women out there, I am a consumer. And it's fun to play with makeup, and to take care of our skin.

Anonymous said...

Good article! It will really help those women who don't know how to use lip brush.