Tuesday, September 9, 2008

J & J Introduces Evolence The Longest Lasting Filler

For all you beauty junkies who are constantly looking for the best new thing out there to stay young, check this out:

A new filler that erases deep folds and wrinkles, and really lasts and lasts! Better than popular Juvederm and Restylane.

It's called Evolence and the good people at Johnson & Johnson have just introduced this effective dermal filler to the United States. Actually, the filler has been available in Canada and overseas in several countries since 2004. FDA approval for use here in the U.S. came through on June 30, 2008. And it's just being presented now.

"Replace the collagen you've lost, with collagen that lasts." That's how J & J describes Evolence at their website, http://www.evolence.com/.

How long does this new collagen filler last?

At least 6 months. That's wonderful news, so touch-ups don't come as often.

Why collagen? Simply put, collagen breaks down as we all age. When that happens, our skin's support loosens and gives way to lines, wrinkles, and folds.

The cool thing about Evolence, is its ability to use naturally sourced collagen to replace the body's lost collagen. According to Johnson & Johnson, "Evolence adds volume and structural support in depleted areas, for a more naturally, youthful appearance. In addition, no pre-test is needed, and Glymatrix Technology delivers longer-lasting durability than previous collagen dermal fillers."

The other great news about Evolence---it won't leave your face all puffy, red, and stinging after being injected. J & J is boasting that this new filler leaves behind minimal bruisng and swelling. And this breakthrough filler does not use chemicals for cross-linking like competitive products do. Instead, Evolence uses natural sugar to improve durability.

So there you have it. Another breakthrough dermal filler---one that really lasts! The beauty science just keeps getting better and better.

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