Wednesday, September 10, 2008

SpinLash Mascara Spins You Right Round, Baby!

Remember that song from Dead Or Alive: "You spin me right round, baby, right round, like a record, baby, right round, round, round...." Those lyrics will mean something in a moment.

We don't want you singing that song all day, but it will probably stick in your mind. Let's talk about one of our favorite beauty can't-live-without items: mascara.

We have come a long way, baby. Seriously. How about a battery-operated mascara gadget?! Take a look at that little orange-colored beauty gizmo in the right photo. It's called SpinLash mascara. You can pick it up at CVS, Target, Sally Beauty, and online at ($14.95). Even Vogue Magazine is advertising this unique revolving mascara that gently rotates 360 degrees in two directions.

SpinLash mascara by Akasha comes with black mascara or brownish-black mascara. It uses a triple A battery. And according to the creators of this sassy, little eye makeup gadget, SpinLash can do several cool things:

Perfect Lashes Every Time
The First Mascara That Lines, Coats & Curls All At The Same Time!
Twice The Volume Half the Time
No More Clumps
Gently Rotates 360°
Big Sexy Eyes
No, we haven't tried SpinLash mascara yet, but it sure looks like fun!

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Anonymous said...

Hi,thought Id give my two cents. This Spinlash thing sucks! It's not worth the money. The mascara they give you is low end. I know you can use your own mascra and then use the gadget to help seperate, but it just didn't work as great as they say. Its sitting in my drawer with other junk I don';t use. Hope that helps.