Thursday, September 4, 2008

How To Treat Keratosis Pilaris Skin Condition

Keratosis Pilaris. Doesn't sound too pleasant. But what if we told you, that about 40% of the world's population has this skin condition. You are not alone---we will tell you how to treat those small, rough, red bumps that seem to pop up along your thighs, buttocks, upper arms and upper back, and even on the face. Babies and teens seem to develop this problem more readily, but it can stay with you for life.

First, keratosis pilaris is a harmless skin condition, although it's annoying to look at and try to get rid of. Some people get it, and some people don't. If you're affected by keratosis pilaris. that means it's in your DNA, but scientists are not sure exactly why it forms. It has been commonly seen in twins, for example. And since it is a genetic skin condition, there is no cure for it.

But there are ways to treat and lessen those dry, rough, red/and or flesh-colored skin bumps that can feel like fine sandpaper texture:

You can try a prescription medication. Some dermatologists recommend Retin A cream. It can help peel away the excess skin.

There is also the BufPuf. You can gently rub this mild sponge against the keratosis pilaris while in the shower or bath.

You can wash with non-soap cleansers like Dove or Cetaphil, since regular soap will only irritate dry skin.

And it pays to moisturize with creams that contain salicylic acid, urea, or alpha hydroxy acids.

And lastly, pulse dye laser treatment, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels are all effective at removing the redness, and trying to minimize the roughness.

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