Sunday, September 21, 2008

Why Detox Foot Pads Like Kinoki Are A Bad Idea

One of my New York girlfriends was urging me to research an article on detox foot pads or detox foot patches. You've seen the commercials on television for these adhesive foot pads by Kinoki. You place them on the soles of your feet at night. And when you arise next morning, the pads have turned brown. Yuck. Those are the actual toxins being eliminated from your body. So they say.

We finally got around to examining this popular item, and whether it's just bunk, or a true cleansing experience that benefits the body.

My friend is so concerned about her cute, little, perfect feet. In college, she was always bragging about her straight toes and beautiful arches . She was constantly pedicuring, and sloughing away tiny callouses.

Well, we of the size 9 hooves, ha ha, are happy to report, that detox foot pads appear to be nothing but a waste of money. Yes, we are aware that many people love these foot patches, and claim their migraine headaches disappeared, arthritis pain was relieved, stress evaporated, and energy was gained.

Who's to say the consumer is wrong?

So we dug a bit deeper, and found Dr. Z's Medical Report ( Dr. Ed Zimney went a step further and called the Kinoki foot pads a scam, unsupported by any credible science.

"They make a big deal about how the pads go on clean and white and come off dirty and brown. What else would you expect from applying vinegar-soaked adhesive gauze to the bottom of your feet? It’s bound to pull off dead skin, dirt and debris - but toxins, parasites, cellulite, heavy metals, and the like? No way. I’m sorry, but you can add your comments below if you think I’m closed-minded, unknowledgeable or otherwise deaf to a new miracle cure, but these things are just not coming out of the bottoms of your feet! No I haven’t tried them and no I have no hard data to back up my assertion that they don’t work, but here it is anyway: they don’t work! The skin doesn’t work that way, the lymphatic system doesn’t work that way. The immune system doesn’t work that way. There is just no physiologic mechanism for these types of things to pass through your skin, regardless of what you might apply to it (even “double-distilled bamboo vinegar!)."

We have no proof these detox foot patches/pads don't work. These pads can't hurt you, as far as we know.

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Anonymous said...

"size 9 hooves" - haha - that's me!!!Don't think I'd try these pads, but I have to tell you, I tried the Ped Egg you wrote about last month and love it! Now I have large but lovely feet. Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear from you. I'm happy the Ped Egg is working well for you. I'd like to try it, but I think I need a heavier duty mechanism, lol.

Feet are a lot of work!

The detox pads can't hurt you. Some really swear by the purification they bring to the body.

Anyway, yeah, size 6 feet would be cute, but it ain't happening here. Glad to have some 'generous' foot sizes join my club.

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