Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sex & The City's Kristin Davis Stays Young Through AHAVA

As Sex and the City Fans anxiously await another movie from the gals, (it was made official last February that the cast had signed on to do a sequel), we were eager to learn about Kristin Davis, and how the 44-year-old, ageless beauty stays that way.

One word she has for her fans: AHAVA.

Kristin Davis is talking about the AHAVA skin care line she is an international spokesperson for.

We can say that the Time Line products of AHAVA all contain dead sea algae. The plant is said to be full of beta carotene and vitamins, ingredients that keep skin looking youthful.

All Night Nourishment, which Kristin Davis adores, was also developed with a patented 3D Complex, containing extracts from the Trigonella shrub and Jujube tree, both of which are supposed to nourish damaged skin. A jar retails for $56 for 1.7 oz.

Ahava, by the way, means 'love' in Hebrew. And according to the AHAVA skin care line, the secret is in the Dead sea.

"People from all over the world with very sensitive skin or even skin disorders come to the Dead Sea to immerse their bodies in its mineral-rich waters. Dead Sea minerals are approved and recommended by the world’s most renowned dermatologists, both as an excellent remedy for alleviating the symptoms of skin problems and as ongoing, daily care for maintaining healthy skin at optimal levels. The majority of AHAVA products are approved for sensitive skin."

And that is the beauty of the AHAVA mineral-rich skin care line. From face, to hands and body, to bath and hair, there is a special AHAVA beauty treatment for you.

You can purchase AHAVA products from these websites:
http://www.ahavaus.com/, ULTA, and Nordstrom


shehnaaz said...

What is this dead sea? Just explain.

Mat said...

Looks interesting, have never seen AHAVA mentioned before. I wonder if she does anything else, or if this is the main thing she uses to look young.

florist said...

It was nice going through it. keep it up the good work.