Monday, August 3, 2009

Should You Rush To Get On Rush's Weight Loss Diet Plan?

Let's talk about radio host Rush Limbaugh. No, not his political leanings. Please!

But let's take a look at him. Rush is looking lean and mean. And it seems like women and men everywhere, want to know his successful weight loss diet plan. It's becoming the latest Hollywood craze.

We just learned that the talk show host has been on the Quick Weight Loss Center plan. And so far, he's lost 79 lbs!!

Rush looks great, but should you, too, rush to get on Rush's weight loss diet plan?

Let's take a closer look. And you can find out what the diet is all about at the website:
Rush Limbaugh explains the Quick Weight Loss Center diet plan:

"I don't know the caloric intake of one thing I'm eating," he explains. "All I know is that it adds up to about 1,500 calories. It's a factor, but it is the way the proteins, the complex carbs and the fats and even some fruit get put together during the course of the day.

"For example, you cannot have two proteins at one meal. So I cannot have one night Surf and Turf. I can have five and a half ounces of fillet, seven ounces of chicken or fish, but I can't combine it. I can't have three ounces of beef and four ounces of fish. I don't know why. I just follow it and it works. I've never lost weight faster than this diet."

And he adds, "I've done every other diet, folks, that there is. I'm not insulting any of them, but for the first time -- for example, breakfast and lunch, I mean I ate breakfast in five minutes and lunch in ten, there's no reason to ever abandon that, totally satisfying. It's just the easiest one and it's the fastest. I'm 58 years old, I never lost weight this fast, almost 90 pounds here since March 9th, not even six months yet, and it was 40 pounds in like 45 or 50 days."

Doctors caution that when the weight falls off so quickly, the diet plan might not be as sound, because to keep the lbs. off, you would have to be on this 1,500 Calorie plan forever.

We're not sure about that, but people become encouraged when the weight slides off immediately, and it keeps your self-esteem high. We're not here to judge, just to lay out the facts. And of course, check with your own doctor before signing up for any diet plan.


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Still a loser all the way. Stuff a sock in his big mouth please!

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