Saturday, April 30, 2011

Enough About The Dress: Kate Middleton Does Own Makeup Royally

Beautiful royal wedding.

Sophisticated, elegant bridal gown.

And just as importantly......a stunning bride in perfect makeup. Nothing over-done. Just polished and pretty.

As we told you yesterday.....Princess bride Kate Middleton did her OWN makeup. Like we said----that took sheer confidence or a very steady hand.

We are impressed! The British papers claim that the brunette beauty received a few excellent lessons in makeup by London-based make-up artist, Arabella Preston.

Wish we had the cosmetics brands that the princess bride chose for the most important day of her life, but so far, we have not been able to hunt down that information.

But we can tell you, that Kate Middleton did not shy away from a lovely smoky eye, as pictured here. And talk about perfect eyebrows! We are envious. A gorgeous stroke of the brush to emphasize those brows. Bravo.

Her brows give her face a wonderful balance. And thicker brows are what we should all strive for. Such brows give a woman a more youthful appearance, as we have learned from experts in the business.

Kate appears to have a peaches and cream complexion. And for her long, 3 1/2 minute walk down the aisle of Westminster Abbey, she chose a soft makeup palette in a pinky-rose for cheeks and lips.

We did find out about her manicure, done by Marina Sandoval from the Jo Hansford Salon in Mayfair. Kate settled on "the blush tones of Bourjois's Rose Lounge and Essie's Allure."

How down-to-earth, Kate appears to be. And we think she did her OWN makeup royally!

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Ree. said...

Good makeuo job!
Are those really all her eyebrows? Or is there brow powder or brow sealer or brow pencil??
I LUV her brows too.
Wish mine were thicker.