Friday, May 18, 2012

All Eyes On Elegant Eyelet Fabric For Summer 2012

Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors have included several pieces in it, so we know it's a hot, all-American trend for Summer 2012.

We're talking about eyelet, one of the most elegant, sophisticated fashion fabric-making statements around.

Just look---everywhere. Eyelet is taking a peek at you.

So, what exactly makes it eyelet?

We did a little research:
"Eyelet is a lightweight fabric pierced by small holes finished with stitching and often laid out in flowerlike designs."

We could not have said it better ourselves. But the eyelet we've seen on the runways and in the stores is not your grandmother's eyelet. There's nothing doily about it now.

Eyelet is always tres chic in white, of course, as you can see in our photo of a Lauren by Ralph Lauren belted Shirt Dress. But it's also pretty glam in bright colors, too!

The next 3 photos are excellent eyelet pieces from Forever21. And these won't bust your fashionista budget:

Eyelet Lace Blazer ($24.80). (We want this one!)
Textured Eyelet Skirt ($19.80).
Sheer Eyelet Cami ($19.80).

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