Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Handbag? Why Not Tuck All Your Stuff Into New JoeyBra!

Oh, my!

Has it really come to this? Has mankind's obsession with wireless technology now led us to our bras, where we can stuff more than just padding into them?

Get this.....a couple of clever college students, Mariah Gentry and Kyle Barlow, are the co-founders of the JoeyBra, designed for women to tuck away all their essentials when a handbag won't do.

Nope---you're not putting your cell phone in with the gel pads. You're neatly and discreetly hiding it, along with I.D., credit card, lipstick, iPad, or maybe a key in a little pouch along the side of the bra. Check out the JoeyBra in the photo.

Maybe you've had some friends who have tucked away a few tiny items in their cleavage, but this is totally different--- the modern way, you could say. The smart duo is targeting college students and offers the choice of a strapless version and an 8-way convertible strap version.

Okay, but how do you retrieve your phone without making it look a bit awkward? I mean....that's just one of the kinks that makes it a little weird for us.

By the way, the 'pocketed' JoeyBra will go on sale at the University of Washington Book Store in June at a discounted $19.99 rate for students(usually available at $29.99).

Designers Mariah and Kyle hope to get enough funding to bring the JoeyBra into the mainstream retail market within 2 years.

To learn more about the JoeyBra and see more photos, click here.

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ashlee said...

TACKY idea.Maybe back in my college days I would have liked this bra but now that I'm 41,well,its no longer clubbin' time for me.