Friday, May 11, 2012

Suzanne Somers Organics Cream Puts Undereye Bags Away

Suzanne Somers will turn 65-years-old this year. That's amazing in itself. And the blonde beauty keeps moving----writing health books and peddling her anti-aging lifestyle and skin care products.

The ever-youthful celebrity was on the Rachel Ray Show this morning to give one lucky viewer an age-defying makeover. And boy, was it ever! The magic came in a little jar from Suzanne's organic beauty line.

Jennifer at age 39 was always being mistaken for her mother's sister. And her mom is 65. But not anymore!

Suzanne Somers used an excellent eye cream to say bye-bye to Jennifer's dark circles and bags. It's called Suzanne Organics Eye Cream ($29.15, at

So, what's in this eye cream, because the AFTER from this makeover is stunning! Jennifer's eyes looked like she walked out of a dermatologist's office following an expensive treatment. Check out the Rachel Ray Show.

Here's how Suzanne describes it:

"This nutrient-dense formula is loaded with some of the world's most expensive and targeted ingredients, such as Swiss apple stem cells and sea algae extracts. Diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and improved microcirculation, decreasing the appearance of dark under-eye circles.

"Use twice daily. Apply around delicate eye area. may also beused for lines around the lips."

We hope everyone who reads this, is putting on an eye cream in their daily/nightly beauty routine. Even those without any eye skin imperfections should be applying a cream or serum that specifically targets this area of the face.

As we have stressed here at BeautyTip Today, over and over again, the skin around the eyes is thin and dry, and quite delicate. The eye area shows aging very quickly, unfortunately. But eye creams have come a long way and the beauty science is much stronger. Now there are formulas that lift, tighten, and help to fade or soften existing fine lines and wrinkles, and de-puff tired undereyes.

Suzanne says that the undereye cream is one of the most popular products in her skin care line.

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marjiscott said...

Who you call'n OLD? OLD is NOT Suzanne Somers, anything but! By the way, THOUSANDS of women(and men too) are buying her books, her totally Organic skin care and food products. She has personaly chnged my life health-wise for the better, and is backed by the BEST RESEARCH out there. Check it out for yourself. Read her Books! I for one cannot wait each month to see what she comes up with on ShopNBC! YOU Go Girl!!