Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Maria Menounos And Her Rock-Hard Abs: Flattest Tummy In Hollywood

Popular entertainment reporter Maria Menounos is a dancing sensation and could be on her way to the finals with partner Derek Hough on DWTS! At least we hope so.

The girl looks amazing.....not that she's ever looked less than that. But even more so, since those multi-hour days of dance practice and careful dieting, Maria remains curvy and toned. And we would bet that she has THE flattest abs on the DWTS set.

Have you seen Maria's belly?


So, how does the brunette Mediterranean beauty get such FAB Abs?!

Well, you're not going to believe this, but her secret allegedly involves a few punches. Read on.....

Maria Menounos says it all started in a village in Greece where her dad grew up. Mr. Menounos would have people throw rocks at his stomach to keep his abs tight.

"People would come, and it would almost be like a circus act. Everybody would huddle around him," Maria once said to Shape Magazine. "Of course, being a crazy Greek daughter interpreted it differently. I was like, I don’t want people to throw rocks at me! How about people punch me? So I’ve had many people punch me in the stomach over the years." And this she claims, is her beauty secret to keeping her abs rock-hard.

"I’d rather have people punch me than do sit ups. Sitting there, just squeezing your abs and bracing yourself for the punch—that is an ab workout." she adds. "Houdini died like that apparently. My family gets very upset when I do that so I do it less and less these days."

Is she for real?? We like to think that a sound diet and challenging work-out regimen along with some good DNA, has enabled the personable celebrity to keep a super flat tummy at age 33.

In case you aren't buying Maria Menounos' secret fab ab tip, we did find a great quick ab exercise you can do, courtesy of personal trainer Nick Tumminello. No crunching involved:

Combination Swiss Pike and Roll-Out.

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Anonymous said...

She did this on Conan. He didn't hit her very hard, but she seemed quite happy for him to try. She does have very strong abs. But she should be careful. She's in her mid 30s now and although she still looks great, her strength might be in decline. She may not be able to take the punches she took ten years ago. Somebody could hurt more than her ego!