Sunday, May 13, 2012

Having Hair Emergency? Try Messy Sexy Top Knot Bun

Gwen Stefani---you look gorgeous!

Is it the messy, sexy top-knot bun that is so-oooo trendy this Spring/Summer?

We think the casual up-do is doing a lot for the stylish songstress. When you pull your hair away from your face, you show off your bone structure. And granted, Gwen has been gifted in this area, but we can say that ALL women look pretty with their hair pulled back.

We like the top-knot bun because it isn't severe or old-lady-like.

It's basically a twisted loop bun. You are gathering locks up into a high ponytail and then teasing a bit for volume, and looping tail around the base and forming a knot secured with a few bobbie pins. Add a little hairspray for lasting power, and you're out the door!

We know, easier said than done, but trust us----there are tons of How-To Top-Knot Buns on You-Tube. We found this one from MakeupbyAlli.

Don't look for utter perfection. Just go for it!!


Anonymous said...

Lovely girl!

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