Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Little Louboutin Lipstick, Perhaps? Designer Tries Makeup Line

Nothing beats the scarlet soles of a pair of Christian Louboutins. Just ask AI judge Jennifer Lopez. She rocks that luxury shoe every time she can.

And now, 49-year-old Christian Louboutin the shoe icon, is ready to launch a women's beauty line!

So, has he taken his global label 'a step too far?!'

Who knows. Look at Giorgio Armani----grand fashion designer, and very successful beauty line creator, too.

We LOVE makeup and skin care. The more the merrier. We salute Mr. Louboutin and we can bet that the color red will be incorporated into his new beauty line logo in some fashion.

The French shoe designer is said to be collaborating with Batallure Beauty on the cosmetic/skin care venture.

We're not sure exactly when the Louboutin beauty collection will be available in fine department stores, but we are hoping the label won't be too out of reach for most women. Let's be honest, a great pair of Louboutins can run you up at least $1,000. Check out this sexy pair of platform sandals at BergdorfGoodman.

Chairman and Co-Founder of the New York-based firm, Robin Burns, stated: "Wearing a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes completely transforms a woman and Christian will bring that same transformative quality to women through his beauty products."

Very nicely written. We look forward to beauty in a box by the red lacquered sole genius.

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