Thursday, May 17, 2012

You Bought Skechers And Expected To Develop A Kim Kardashian Butt?

There are just so many things a beauty or fashion product can do, even when the advertising appears to be so sincere and scientifcally-proven.

We'll get to the big Skechers toning shoes $40 Million FTC settlement in a moment.

For instance, you purchase an over-the-counter brand of anti-aging cream because the television commercial shows you that the skin care item will erase fine lines and wrinkles in 30 days. Even prescription Retin-A can't deliver on that promise 100%.

Now, wouldn't it be lovely if the OTC product actually did give you back a wrinkle-free complexion?! But let's be realistic, if there's truth in advertising, well, it's hard to find these days.

Through trial and error, many of us settle on wonderful beauty and fashion products. Many of these DO what the items are advertised to do, but if the claims seem so unbelievable, then they probably are.

Reality mega-star Kim Kardashian was proud to walk around in her Skechers back in a 2011 Super Bowl ad in which she said, "Bye-bye, trainer. Hello, Shape-ups.".

The beloved toning shoes had also claimed these amazing feats in popular TV and print ads:

"Get in shape without ever setting foot in a gym."
"Shape up while you walk."
"The newest move in fitness is tying your shoelaces."

And a number of Skechers fans told us that the shoes REALLY do deliver results, when you wear them and stay active.

But seriously, folks, do you really believe you could develop a curvy Kim Kardashian butt just with a pair of fancy sneakers?!

According to the FTC or Federal Trade Commission, Skechers toning shoes cannot tone your body as the company claims. But Skechers chief financial officer David Weinberg denies that the company made false claims about its shoes and said it settled with the FTC to avoid a protracted legal battle, says the Los Angeles Times.

So, if you've got a pair of Skechers toning shoes and feel you've been snowed, you can visit the Skechers Refund Page.

And if you still LOVE your Skechers, then keep them and enjoy them.

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Anonymous said...

I've owned 3 prs of Skechers ShapeUps and I think they DO WORK but like your article shows you have to wear them as partof your daily activity.They DO TONE up your legs and rear and no-I didnt think I woudl end up with a KimK butt after wearing thse for a year..LOL
P.S. Honestly wouldnt want a butt that large.