Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Brighten Your Complexion: New OptiLight Tone Corrector By Exuviance

We have had the pleasure to try a number of skin care products over the years by the science-forward NeoStrata company.

And once again, the complexion experts have NOT disappointed!

The Exuviance line's newest baby is the OptiLight Tone Corrector ($62, at Ulta). And its beauty mission is simple:

1. Lighten up sun spots and discolorations.
2. Balance skin tone.
3. Prevent new spots from forming.
4. Create instant brightness

And accomplish all of that WITHOUT the harsh, bleaching agents that so many other correcting creams contain.

We've been applying the Exuviance OptiLight Tone Corrector for almost 2 weeks now----on the face, neck, and decolletage. Our hands are next.

We LOVE the light, smooth formula, and we must confess, when you rub in the OptiLight, your skin is bathed in silk! This has to be one of the most softening serums we've ever come across. And yes---your facial skin brightens up immediately, even the neck, where you wouldn't expect to see a big difference.

It's hard to say whether our sun spots sprinkled across the upper chest area have truly faded away in 2 short weeks, but we will continue using the OptiLight Tone Corrector and give the product a real chance to do its work. And any lightening would be a plus.

Remember: It takes time and effort to attack the damage done from excessive sun exposure over the years. And it's foolish to believe that any skin care product out there could zap the spots just after several days of use.

We are thrilled that the Exuviance tone corrector prevents new spots from showing up on your skin, and that is major--because it signifies that the formula is powerful and protective. In fact, turmeric and alpine plants are in the serum to successfully block the enzyme that triggers new melanin production.

Blend in some Retinol, Vitamin C, and NeoGlucosamine, and these strong properties help exfoliate and break apart pigment clusters, and promote cell turnover.

All in all, your complexion looks radiant and bright. We say this one's a keeper, and with summer on our heels, you might want to toss this in your beach bag.

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