Monday, May 28, 2012

Glycolic Acid Complex With Pineapple Delivers Soft Smooth Skin

We received a beauty sample from ASDM Beverly Hills recently, and it smells yummy enough to eat, but DON'T do that!

It's called ASDM Glycolic Acid Complex ($20.50, 2 oz., at

This medical strength exfoliating cream contains pineapple extract as its base, therefore, the pretty yellow cream in a jar. And if you're looking for soft, smooth skin, this formula feels decadent as it's absorbed into your face and neck.

Why the pineapple?

We've been doing some research and have learned that pineapple extract has positive effects on the skin, promoting elasticity and zapping away dead skin cells, while improving hydration and moisture.

And it's easy to use: Apply 2x daily after cleansing----once in the AM and again in the PM, massaging the cream in upward, circular motions.

ASDM Beverly Hills describes their Glycolic Acid Complex like this:

"Powerful formula consisting of 30% Glycolic acid, pineapple extract and other powerful skin softening moisturizers. This skin perfecting night cream gently exfoliates, retextures, renews and intensely moisturizes facial skin. Works while you sleep, to help eradicate imperfections and visibly diminish fine lines."

We are a major fan of glycolic acid products because of the effective, exfoliating action they deliver. And the addition of pineapple extract makes this little beauty cream a winner in the more radiant skin department!

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Anonymous said...

I was first introduced to ASDM products via their eBay seller site, and I couldn't be more pleased. EVERY prodcut I have received from ASDM Beverly Hills has been nothing short of a miracle in a jar. For 46 years I had a very bad complexion, but after using ASDM products for 1-year, I actually had someone tell me (for the first time in my life) that I had BEAUTIFUL SKIN. I haven't tried the product you're evaluating, but I have a sample and will try it this evening.