Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yes, Dear Lindsay, You Do Need A Bra With This Outfit!

No, we are not the bra police. We as women always have the power to choose. And if you do not wish to wear any support, then so be it.

We will add, however, that if you are small-chested, it is easier to get away walking around braless. It just looks better. Period.

And when you are a famous person, like Lindsay Lohan, and you are tapped to portray movie screen icon Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming biopic Liz & Dick, well, you would think she would know better.

So, there stands Lindsay Lohan on her way to a photo shoot in West Hollywood on Monday. She looks glam, except for the one, major fashion faux pas. She forgot to wear a bra.

Yes, dear Lindsay, you do NEED a bra with this outfit. First, it's pretty sheer and second, the fabric and flowy bodice make your breasts seem as if they are sagging.

A great, supportive bra would have beautifully completed the picture, and that brings us to the Victoria's Secret Showstopper Bra ($49.50). The Multi-Way Bra is versatile for someone in Lilo's situation. Look what this little, sexy number can do:

Provides no-show coverage right where you need it.
Completely smooth and seamless, this multi-way sensation transforms to hide under curve-hugging styles.
You can wear it classic, cross-back, one-strap or strapless.
With a supersoft cup lining for wear-all-day comfort and brushed fabric for a touch of sexy shine.

Plus, the VS Showstopper comes in lots of pretty shades, and in Lindsay's case, nude would be perfect.

Maybe we're being a bit harsh on the talented actress, because she's been trying hard to get on the straight and narrow, but these are style mistakes that make Lindsay appear unpolished and not-ready-for-prime-time.

What do you think? Is the no-bra a big fashion misstep for a celebrity? Or not a major deal?


Anonymous said...

Your right!Big-boobed girls have to go braless very carefully.I have big ones and it looks way better on flat-chested chicks.

Lindsay's a douche.Period.

ginaf. said...

at least she HAS boobs.i don't---do you?

Cathy Anderson said...

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